Friday, November 7, 2008

Utterly Exhausted

I was hoping to be able to get this blog rolling but last week was hell on wheels. Fred didn't come back to work. No one knows where he is so I'm still stuck in the mail room with the complainer and the moron. Troy told me he would help me with my real work that's piled up to the ceiling by now so I said to Troy why don't you come down here and do the mail room and let me go upstairs to do the fucking job I'm paid to do? Well he got all squirrely and pulled the shit about him being Homo Sapiens and not required to do certain jobs blah blah blah. He is so full of it and he knows it too. So then I say, well how about Brian, get HIM down here so I can do my fucking job. That had about a 50% chance of working. It depended on whether it was one of those days where Troy and Brian are best buds running around playing slapass and making fun of all us non primates or if it was one of those days where we sometimes have to call the cops to keep them apart. Brian is so much bigger than Troy he could kill him with one blow, but being a gorilla, he secretly buys into the Homo S. myth. What a tool. Anyway, it was one of their "good" days so no luck getting Brian to help out. Who knows how much longer I'll have to hang with old "Stinky-Teeth" I don't know how much more of this I can take.