Monday, November 17, 2008

A Nice ? From a Certain Dr. Zibbs

Dearest Dr. Zibbs. You asked..."Do you get along with the tapir?" What a wonderful question at a time like this. I hadn't really drawn my thoughts together on this issue. hmmm. My email is down at the moment so I'll answer you here. If you've seen the first couple of posts, you'll note that I said some pretty nasty things about Brad. I have a real dillema emerging. He is turning out to be a really decent guy. Some of the stuff, like the "shirt incident" still puts me off but I'm just chalking that up to natural differences of opinion and taste. The problem I have is this...Brad doesn't know about my blog but may eventually find it. He's actually very internet savvy and very sensitive. Do I take it down or keep it up? Not wanting to hurt his feelings makes me want to take it down, but integrity to the know what I mean. As it stands, it stays. I'll probably talk to him about it soon and tell him about MrBabyElephant. Brian the gorrilla and Troy the Homo Sap however, remain firmly on my shitlist. Thanks again for the question...It's been nice to get my mind off Penny for a bit. And please thank your friend Fancy Schmancy for her concern as well.


Fancy Schmancy said...

Zibbs, way to get your name on the brand new baby elephant blog I turned you on to! But while you were only worried about who would be your next best friend, I was actually worried about poor Henry's missing sister Penny. And the fate of the ungulates at the factory.

Dr Zibbs said...

As long as the next baby tapir is named after me I'll make no more trouble here.